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Step 1: Tell us the name and age of the student(s) to be enrolled as well as the course for each student:


  • Children (10 lessons - $250, 15 lessons - $350, 20 lessons (OPG) - $440, 25 lessons (OPG Plus) - $490)
  • Adult (10 lessons - $500, 15 lessons - $750, 20 lessons - $1000, 25 lessons - $1250)
  • Same Season Follow-up Courses (5 lessons - $140, 10 lessons - $250)
(as of LAST birthday)
(as of LAST birthday)
(as of LAST birthday)

Any Physical or Mental Handicaps?

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If you would like to schedule different times, please describe the schedule in the Additional Comments box further down the page.

Mon & Thu - (Magic Island Lagoon)
Mon, Thu & Fri - (Magic Island Lagoon)

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You may refer to these calendars when selecting your class dates below.
A day in red means we’re closed for a holiday.

Calendar for June 2011 Calendar for July 2017 Calendar for August 2017

Choose 10 or 25 classes, depending on the course selected. Schedule changes are allowed and must be made by e-mail. Click on the calendar icon next to each class to open the calendar and select the date.

Step 5: Please include any additional comments you feel we should know about:

(You are not restricted to the same "class times" for all classes. If your schedule is inconsistent, please explain below.)

How were you Introduced to Little Fish Ocean Swimming School?


Payment Instructions

You may make payment in full by cash or check at the location on the day of your first lesson. You must make arrangements with our staff by calling 808-228-8259 and you must arrive at the beach site 10-15 minutes before class. Make checks payable to C. "Fish" Philippi. Please do not send payment to beach address. Call 808-228-8259 for mail-in appliaction.


I hereby give Little Fish Ocean Swimming School permission for my child to participate in the Swim Lesson Program. The checkbox below certifies that all information contained in this registration is correct and true. My signature also affirms my understanding that my child's participation in Little Fish Ocean Swimming School programs and activities may present some risk or injury. Little Fish Ocean Swimming School assumes no liability for injuries or damages that result from my child's participation in these programs or activities.

Medical Release: I authorize the Little Fish Ocean Swimming School staff to act on my behalf if medical treatment for my child is necessary. In the event of illness or injury to my child, I authorize Little Fish Ocean Swimming School to obtain medical treatment for my child and authorize medical services to be provided under the medical insurance identified below, or if none, at the expense of the Responsible Party identified below.

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